Cure This Infection by Mixing Bitter Kola, Mango Leaf and Tom-Tom, Drinking It Morning and Night

Bitter kola is a powerful natural herb that has been utilized for its numerous health benefits for generations. From treating infections to aiding in gatherings and meetings, the uses of bitter kola are vast and significant. Its efficacy in traditional medicine is well-known among our elders.

On the other hand, mango leaves offer a holistic approach to combating diabetes. The soft leaves of the mango tree contain anthocyanidins, a type of tannin, that can assist in managing early diabetes. Whether dried and powdered or used as an infusion, mango leaves have been shown to address diabetic complications such as angiopathy and retinopathy.

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This article sheds light on the health advantages of combining bitter kola, mango leaves, and tom tom. To prepare this beneficial mixture:

1. Thoroughly wash bitter kola and mango leaves.

2. Blend the bitter kola until smooth.

3. Extract the juice from the washed mango leaves or create an infusion.

4. Mix the blended bitter kola and mango leaf juice, then add tom tom, allowing it to dissolve for 20 minutes.



Consume this mixture twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Benefits of drinking this concoction include:

– Alleviating hiccups

– Improving digestion

– Aiding in weight loss

– Combating cancer

– Promoting smooth skin

– Lowering blood sugar levels

– Managing diabetes effectively

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